Advantages & Disadvantages of HIIT

Advantages & Disadvantages of HIIT

HIIT is short for high intensity interval training. It was once called “intensity training” because during the duration of these workouts, you are constantly changing your speed and intensity. These workout sessions have become quite popular over recent years. While they can be extremely intense, they also have several advantages over traditional gym workouts. Advantages … Read more Advantages & Disadvantages of HIIT

Pros and Cons of Mobile Fitness App

mobile fitness app

Today, people are becoming more health conscious. The use of fitness and sports is growing and people are opting for the use of fitness apps rather than the traditional fitness tracker. There are many advantages that you can get from using an app for your fitness. Fitness apps provide a number of different features that … Read more Pros and Cons of Mobile Fitness App

The Advantages of Home Gym

Home Gym Advantages

If you are thinking about purchasing a home gym, you are certainly not alone. Today more people than ever are choosing to work out in the privacy of their own home. They are realizing the incredible benefits of building their own home gym. Not only do they have the flexibility of working out at a … Read more The Advantages of Home Gym

How To Get Faster With Tempo Run


If you want to increase your speed, it is time to transform your regular rhythms into the tempo run. Tempo run, threshold run, T runs it goes by many different names. We are talking about aspecific type of running not just a general fast running. It ensure to improve yourperseverance and help your body run … Read more How To Get Faster With Tempo Run