How To Get Faster With Tempo Run

If you want to increase your speed, it is time to transform your regular rhythms into the tempo run. Tempo run, threshold run, T runs it goes by many different names. We are talking about a
specific type of running not just a general fast running. It ensure to improve your
perseverance and help your body run quicker for longer timeframes. Tempo runs are the best
done on the treadmills because the treadmills pace remain constant.

Benefits of Tempo Run

Tempo runs assist you with building up your anaerobic or lactate threshold (LT), which is
basic for running quicker. Your LT is the point where lactic acid starts to emerge in muscles.
In the event that you can expand your LT by doing tempo runs, you can run quicker without
enduring muscle fatigue.

  • Speed increment
  • Mental and Physical Motivation
  • Variety of Training
  • Makes workout fun
  • Speed and Distance Enhancement

How To Boost Your Running Tempo

Treadmills can be one of the best tool to increase your overall running speed in the form of
tempo runs. To do this you have to increase your threshold that will eventually speed up your
running pace.

Mental and Physical Motivation

Tempo runs will help you in betterment of your mental toughness and will be grateful to have
physically motivated by doing tempo run as your routine tasks. To be on the safer side you
should find out your normal speed at which you are able to do treadmill run without being
over exhausted.

Little longer and quicker

Treadmill runs including tempo are the best you way to improve your distance running for
the longer period and for improvement of your speed to break your personal record of time.

Makes workout fun

Tempo runs on treadmill will be fun if you compete with yourself as by setting a record and
then try to break the record by your own in both speed and time. The following tempo runs are designed to do short and long distance running on treadmill to
increase your overall body fitness.

10k Tempo-Treadmill Workout

It is an increase of mileage in this workout up to 6.2. Treadmills incline mode added in this
workout to mix it up a little bit. Your tempo pace should be little quicker than the normal but
not enough to make you exhausted.
Here are the 10k Tempo-Treadmill run:

  • Warm up – 5 minutes (Easy run)
  • 3 miles – 10-20 seconds faster than the normal pace
  • 3 mile – 10-20 seconds slower
  • 2 miles – 1% incline and 10-20 seconds faster than the normal pace
  • Cool down – 5 minutes (Easy run)

Half Marathon Tempo-Treadmill Workout

A half marathon is of 13.1 miles, we will be using incline mode in this as the distance and our
workout will be longer. Its pace will be different because of the increment in the distance so
we have increase the warm up and cool down time to get little easier. This will be hard but
not impossible.

  • Warm up – 10 minutes (Easy run)
  • 2 miles – 10-20 seconds slower than the normal pace
  • 5 mile – 10-20 seconds quicker
  • 2 miles – 2% incline and 20-30 seconds slower
  • 6 miles – 10-20 seconds quicker
  • Cool down – 10 minutes (Easy run)

Marathon Tempo-Treadmill Workout

5k Tempo-Treadmill Workout
The distance of this workout is 3.1 miles, so in this run you should be running faster but for a
short distance. There is an informal part in middle but the aggregate distance will be
lengthier. Here are the 5k Tempo-Treadmill run:

  • Warm up – 5 minutes (Easy run)
  • 2 miles – 10-20 seconds faster than the normal pace
  • 1 mile – 10-20 seconds slower
  • 2 miles – 10-20 seconds faster than the normal pace

Its and ultimate distance of 26.2 miles. This is the workout routine designed for the fitness
workers who want the best from there body. We do not recommend doing it very often but
occasionally as its one of the hardest workout.

Warm up – 10 minutes (Easy run)
6 miles – 1% incline and 10-20 seconds quicker than the normal pace
3 mile – 10-20 seconds slower
8 miles –10-20 seconds quicker
4 miles – normal pace
Cool down – 10 minutes (Easy run)

Best Treadmill Settings to encourage Tempo running

Proficient runners will say, “Outside running and treadmill running are two different things”.
Outside running will include different parameters like drag and wind resistance that is not
present in the treadmill run, which gives you a steady environment. However, in order to
include the wind factor you can add incline in the treadmill so it will give you outside
running environment.

Treadmills incline mode with Tempo running:

The incline added to your run will prepare you for the longer distance running. Your glutes
and hamstring will have to do some extra efforts will you are on the ground as compared to
treadmill runs that will do this propulsive work for you.

If you have some knee problem, we will recommend you to add incline in your treadmill run,
which will help you in pain as it expressively harder to over step when running uphill.

Treadmill incline-Tempo workout:

Hilly workouts are the best for increasing strength and speed. Following intervals of incline
will help you a lot in your treadmills run:

  • 10 minutes easy run (warm up) with 1-3% incline.
  • 2 minutes repetitions with the incline rate of 6, 8, 10, 12, 10, 8, and 6% at 5km speed.
  • 5 minutes easy run (cool down) with 1-3% incline.
  • Run-through good Treadmill Techniques
  • Proper room for running arm swings on treadmill
  • Look forward and keep head straight
  • Maintain proper speed

Treadmills Running Tips

Warm Up

It is not good to just put yourself on the treadmill, first warm up which will
improve oxygen and heart rate and rise in temperature will have more effects
on your body.

Use a slight incline

It will help you to create an environment like wind resistance, you should use
1 or 2% treadmill incline for making the best out of your treadmill run.

Do not make it too steep

Too steep mode (more than 7%) will be harmful for your body as it may cause
back, hip and ankle pain.

Do not lean forward

Keep your body straight as if you do not it will make you pain in your neck
and back.

Build in some speed changes

Running on the ground makes, you run on different pace because of different
parameters such as winds, traffic lights and weather condition. Therefore, to
make it real you should vary your pace on treadmill run.

Hydrate yourself

Due to minimal air resistance, you can lose more water during treadmill run as
compared to running outside.

Cool down

Whenever you reach your goal on treadmill just don’t get off from it, try to
cool down first by doing slow walk because if don’t you will be feeling like
little shaky.

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